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  Integra Spec ICF
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First the idea and then the plan. Make concrete the foundation and forever it stands. Just imagine if your whole house was concrete. No hollow blocks. Strong enough that not even a bullet would penetrate it. If we found a way to insulate the concrete it would save hundreds of dollars each year on heating and cooling expenses. That is what we have found. Now you the consumer have the opportunity to treat yourself to the excellence and comfort of a beautiful structure at affordable prices and great savings.

The name of the product is "Integra Spec Insulated concrete forms" ICF for short.     Phil-Insul Corporation (PIC) / IntegraSpec® has been created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design, and more than 75 years of field experience in residential/commercial concrete forms and the general construction industry.  PIC has developed the  IntegraSpec® insulating concrete form (ICF)/building system to address and eliminate the problems that most  ICF systems encounter:  blowouts, form unit flotation and bulging, wall compression, wavy walls.  It has also been designed to dramatically reduce waste, set up/bracing and labor costs, shipping costs and delivery date(s).   IntegraSpec®'s quality and performance give the builder(s) the edge in delivering a higher end finished product/result while also increasing their profits on large or small projects and in all markets:  low-rise & multilevel commercial, industrial, institutional, retrofit and residential construction.

The IntegraSpec® system consists of stay-in-place expanded polystyrene form units suited for low-rise & multilevel commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction.  IntegraSpec® form units are simply interlocked in courses with quick snap in rebar placement. After the rapid block set up and simple alignment, concrete is poured. The resulting monolithic solid wall structure is complete and ready for exterior/interior finish. IntegraSpec® integrates quick and easy form work, structure, insulation, studs/strapping, vapor/air barriers, into one cost and time efficient building system.






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