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The User Friendly ICF

IntegraSpec is an award winning insulated concrete wall system that recently won the Global Traders Innovation award recognizing the IntegraSpec unique patented technology.  This enables contractors to work faster, more accurately, and with less waste than other insulated concrete forms on the market today.

IntegraSpec was developed to address and eliminate the problems encountered by most ICF systems: blowouts, form lift and bulging, compression, wavy walls, etc.  The patented “flippable and reversible” IntegraSpec independent panel design dramatically reduces site waste, installation time, labor, and transportation costs. It  delivers a high-end finished product on small or large projects in all markets and construction applications.

IntegraSpec offers super insulated concrete wall systems reinforced with steel rebar, which far exceeds the conventional building code.  Any exterior wall; either below or above grade, can be constructed using this system. The owner can save up to 70% of their heating and cooling cost, since the wall system delivers superior insulating performance.  IntegraSpec buildings are extremely quiet in reducing exterior noises such as wind and traffic.  The “Build Green” components present a healthy environment eliminating harmful gasses, mold, and , mildew.  The performance of the building in terms of energy efficiency, air quality, comfort, and safety is important to both the contractor and the owner.  By building with IntegraSpec you can reduce operating costs while improving occupant comfort.  The end result is a structurally sound steel reinforced building that is insulated, studded, with a vapor and air barrier all in one.  All of these benefits are at an affordable cost.

Panel interiors are “dovetailed” for proper concrete placement and bonding while the panel exterior is grooved for optimum steel channel placement to meet commercial fire codes. Also, clearly marked 1 5/8″ inserts are molded inside the panels every 8″ on center, providing studs for interior/exterior finishing, reinforcement against unit bulging, and a connection for spacers.

The IntegraSpec ICF system consists of stay-in-place, 12.25″ H x 48″ L x 2.5″ D, expanded polystyrene panels, installed on courses and spaced with various sized patented interlocking spacers – available in 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ widths.  Using our unique H-clip, spacers can be combined for increased concrete core thickness needs. All spacers are designed for fast, snap in place rebar placement, providing a choice of steel sizes and quantity. As well, with the addition of 45° corners, 8″ commercial corners, and stay in place insulated window bucks, we offer a complete product line, including brick ledge and taper tops units.

IntegraSpec ICF approved under ICC (#ESR-1147) and CCMC (12938-R) guidelines and is manufactured in the United States of America. You will find that IntegraSpec ICF System will meet or exceed you expectations in material, labor, and energy savings.

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